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[30 Aug 2001|03:45pm]

[ mood | disappointed ]

i tried to die...
i did
i took alot of pills
but i lived
i went to the hospital
went to a fucking crazy ward to...
but i'm back... deal with the disapointment...

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[12 May 2001|01:35am]

[ mood | nerdy ]

i got muh hair cut last night!
it looks realy good!
i want to rape a new guy now!
his names chris and he's nomi's brother
hes pretty kewl and cute and nice and hot and and and....
ok ok ok
i'll stop ranting but u know wut?
he likes me to!
he's got a g/f!
just muh goddamned luck!
another one already taken from me!
and he was soooooo flirting with me before school
when he was playing magic with the other spazy geeks
i love geeks!
their sooo cute!
i think i should like seduce him!
i need help though

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[10 May 2001|08:22pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

i see a sticker everytime i walk home on a van thats always there i don't think the owner uses it anymore... well anyway the sticker says mindless reaction... i think it means its all jut that a reaction
we do wut we do in a reaction to wut some one else did and then we don't think aboot it ever again
and the funniest part is even thogh its true we've gotten so use to the reaction pattern to break the circle

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Adaption [29 Apr 2001|07:11pm]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

I'm very familiar with adaption. I have moved continents, hemispheres, schools, and lotsa things. I've adapted.

In South Africa, I almost couldn't adapt - at first. I got sick, I didn't know English, and I wasn't with my parents, for once. I couldn't adapt at first, but when I went to kindergarten, I easily adapted.

Then I came to Canada. I went to a really sucky school, then I came to S.F.D.S. I adapted easily. Now I can't imagine going to another school.

Soon, I'm gonna have to adapt to High School. It's gonna be easier for me than most people, tho. All my friends (and so-called friends) are going to the same HS as me, STM. I know a Gr. 9 girl there... + a few more ppl.

Change is for good,
sometimes for bad,
in times of change,
stay strong and live your life,
never give up,
we all change

A few words of wisdom...

* ~ * ~ * Tina * ~ * ~ *

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